4 Tips To Create Your Online Personal Brand In 2017

Creating online reputation and personal brand value is as important as creating any organization’s online reputation. It is the sign from which your fans and people know you on the internet. It can be an icon, a watermark, a hashtag, or your personal tagline. Depending on your industry, you can have a strong online reputation that would lead to more fans and a profitable brand image.
Creating your own online presence will give you a leading edge in your overall business. It will help you in staying ahead of your competitors by creating an impact and authority in your niche. Because when it comes to an online presence, people judge based on what they see so regular engagements and interactions from you can give you better results.

To achieve your goal you must start practicing these 4 tips:

1. Show up
"80% success is showing up" Woody Allen
You must attend important conferences, meetups, and webinars for your industry. You must engage socially too to make your impact and create an authoritative image. Thanks to live video streaming functionality in Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, you can actually host a live Q&A sessions and have immediate interaction with your fans.

While attending social gatherings, events, meetups, etc. you can also share related content like pictures, check-ins, your reviews with hashtags and tagging your colleagues who too have attend the event. This way, you can grab other viewers’ attention by bringing your content on their timeline with tags and hashtags.

2. Authenticity is everything

Ever since social media and the internet has evolved, it has been hard to guess about the originality of the user and his content. Despite the fact that people have genuine accounts in channels, you cannot have the physical experience of a particular thing which is shared on the internet. Hence, you cannot completely trust what’s shared on the internet.

To avoid such things you can show the real side of you. You can share some posts on what are you doing weekdays and weekends, which restaurant you were going to, with whom you were hanging out, which movie you liked, hobbies and the internet, etc. This way, people connect with you more by understanding what type of person you are, what are your liking, etc.

3. You sow what you reap

Online networking is done by most of the users on the internet. However, 90% of them miss the crucial point, i.e. contribution. They keep posting and sharing posts which are important for them or affect only their market. But the secret behind creating online reputation and relationship is to share posts which affect your users, solve their issues, posts that relate to their lifestyle so that more audience follow your posts and you start creating an authoritative image of yours in your industry. Thus, the more you give to your audience the better personal brand you can establish for yourself.

4. Keep track of your profiles and contact lists

You can maintain a sheet to record improvements, new contacts and potential opportunities that you can gain from them. This process would take some time as you cannot overshoot your competitors within a month if start keeping records.

Gradually, you will observe that keeping records and data is a priceless asset to build your personal brand online as it will help you understand how people respond to your posts, do they find it interesting, do they like it, etc.

You can plan further if you observe a pattern which is giving you enough revenue.